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It is acknowledged that it takes a lot of courage to make the first contact and every effort will be made to return your call or email enquiry within 24 hours. If there is no immediate response to telephone contact it is most likely due to a therapy session taking place at the time.

Self referral is encouraged although occasionally referral will be made through another professional.

When leaving a message please indicate how you would prefer to be contacted and which time of day is preferable.

It is possible to make clear any uncertainties about therapy over the telephone or by email. Brief detail of the assessment session (see 'The First Session' below) can be discussed and a date and time agreed. 

The Therapy Process

The most important factor in the resolution of and recovery from psychological distress is the therapeutic relationship. The work that I undertake with clients is collaborative. The agenda and focus of the sessions are flexible and adapt to the changing needs and issues that are pressing with the person in therapy.

As a psychotherapist I provide a secure and safe space for clients to be heard. In so doing, it becomes possible for reflection and the working through of unresolved issues to take place. I make no assumptions with respect to the thoughts and feelings of clients and thus endeavour to work in a non-judgemental manner. I adhere to the Professional Code of Ethics as laid down by the BACP (

All sessions last fifty (50) minutes.

The First Session

Our initial appointment is an opportunity to hear your key concerns although it is possible that we may meet for more than one session before we feel clear about a way forward. If we feel that therapy may be of benefit / helpful then we will discuss how many sessions are appropriate as well as the times and frequency of sessions.

Occasionally the sessions will be open ended as the number required will not be immediately clear at the outset. A date for review will be set to work toward agreeing an end date to facilitate meeting the agreed goal of therapy.

The Middle Sessions

As part of the therapy process it will be important that we both review together how the sessions are going and reach shared goals.

 Ending therapy

The end of therapy can be as important as the beginning and middle phases of therapy and therefore the anticipated ending to therapy will be discussed in sessions and will be agreed in advance.




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